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With a phone, you will be surprised by the features that PicsArt brings. Currently, this can be considered as a magic tool to transform images and videos in a snap. With special features easy to use, suitable for anyone, even those who are not knowledgeable about photography. If you are looking for a professional image and video editing tool, PicsArt is an option not to be missed. This application has many incredible features that the other free application dost not have. It has multiples layers, multiple effects, and over 1000+ colors to give a new look to your photo.

  • Even if you don’t end up using PicsArt’s own photo-sharing network, the app is useful for the impressive array of editing tools and control it provides.
  • Be it personal forms of communication, advertisements, or public awareness, things are very different now.
  • Not only that but also a bridge for you to connect with friends, make new friends.

Have you managed to change the background color of your photo? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. To add text tap on the text button to input the text you want on your image. You can choose to have the text centered, or aligned right or left.

Then open the PicsArt application and choose to edit the photo you want to edit. In just a few minutes, you can create a very different and special image that is much better than the original photo. Currently, this application is available on the Play Store as well as the APP store allowing you to download it completely free.

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If you have never used it before, watching a couple of tutorials will help you immensely, making it easier for you to use. If you are already used to other types of animator software apps or if you are a professional, then Adobe After Effects will be easy to grasp. To make it easier for you to navigate through this article and select the tools based on the type of animation you are interested in, we have separated them into four categories. Looking for an animation software app but are not sure whether it will help you achieve your goals and fit right into your lifestyle? Here are our top 24 picks for every type of animation you plan to create. PicsArt Mod apk also provide editing video feature and you can make video as well from scratch.

Fused : Double Exposure, Video And Image Blender & Editor

When you go to PicsArt online, you’ll see your layers populate off to the right on the screen. By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to use PicsArt and see examples of 11 designs made with PicsArt. The community members can also access your customized stickers. Another social aspect includes sharing your edited pics to other social networks through built-in integrations. Google users can access a free 30-day trial of the Pics Art app for a limited time until March 29th by downloading the app from the Google Play store.

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You can also rotate the image as need be by simply pulling it in a circular motion with your finger. Brighten up your content and add instant colors to your photos with the Picsart Rainbow Photo Effect. Choose from a range of rainbow filters and adjust it to your liking. Since you’re blending photos into one image, you don’t want it to look too cluttered. If you want to get creative with your images, you should try Mirror Lab. It has several features that include fractal art and kaleidoscope effects.

From a sketch to fully polished illustrations, Picsart Color is the only digital drawing app you’ll ever need. FUSED makes it easy to allow you to blend photos, videos, or a combination of both. There are just four steps to making a beautiful piece of art. Import a background and foreground, swipe t o preview and then choose a Blend Mode, make color adjustments and apply masking if you want, and then export or save your finished piece.

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